Condominium and Cooperative Service

Financial Services

  • Cash accounts
  • Payment Options
  • First Priority Management accepts checks or money orders. Homeowners can make single payments, or arrange for monthly automatic withdraws on-line.

Reserve Fund Development

  • We work closely with our clients to ensure their money is working for the while still being accessible for emergencies.
  • Annual and Project Budget Development
  • Each Property is provided with annual cash flow summaries. These reports provide the Board of Directors with useful information to determine how their property is performing.

Collection of Funds

  • First Priority Management collects the monthly assessments and special assessments from all unit owners and sends delinquency letters to unit owners who have not paid their assessments.
  • Where required First Priority uses experienced counsel to bring collections lawsuits.

Accounts Payable

  • We process all of your monthly obligations.

Vendor Payment

  • Every invoice is reviewed and checked against service request prior to being paid.
  • Monthly and Annual Reports
  • Reports are sent out on the 15th of the following month and include:

Full ledgers

  • All invoices and Bills
  • Owner Account Balances
  • Operating
  • & Reserve Account Statements
  • Year to Date Budget vs. Actual Spreadsheets
  • We are happy to customize our reporting to suit individual request

Regular Communication with your Treasure

  • We keep treasure informed and involved which helps avoid surprises at the end of the year and allows us t continually evaluate budgets and expenses.

24/7 Emergency Support Services

  • Common Areas
  • Individual Support
  • Individual owners and residents can also take advantage of our emergency services

Maintenance and Repairs

  • Use your existing vendors or ours.
  • We have developed an extensive network of skilled service providers that we can call on as well as using your current service provider. All vendor invoices are billed at cost with no service markup.
  • Online Maintenance request system
  • First Priority Management can provide experienced maintenance personnel as dedicated site based staff or on as needed basis.
  • The same services available to the building are also offered to individual owners. A First Priority Team member will supervise all work done by a third party.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Because a small problem can become costly in the long run, we make every effort to prevent small problem from becoming big ones. We conduct regular inspections of common areas, roof tops and HVAC units.

Association Functions

  • Board meetings, committee meetings and annual functions are attended by a First Priority team member as needed.

Our mission is to provide QUALITY housing and a positive environment through a commitment to service excellence.